• BIATHLON CHAMPION as support for everyday training in the club
  • Shooting can be combined with any fitness training
  • Team building through relay competition
  • More variety and fun during training by combining different sports with the biathlon discs
  • Biathlon sport as a safe experience even for the little ones (from age 3 years)
  • Easy to use


Our BIATHLON CHAMPION is flexible for use in several settings such as for training, competition, kindergarten, and in schools as well as at home with friends, parents, and grandparents. The BIATHLON CHAMPION is great for use in relay races, sprints or simply racing against the clock.

All biathlon competitions can be replayed in very different ways. So in summer e. g. penalty laps can be completed by bicycle, inline skates or simply in short running laps. In winter, even the youngest cross-country skiers can show off their skills in a group! Alone or in a team, outside or inside, young against the young at heart - with the BIATHLON CHAMPION there are no limits to the game creation.