Our goal is to introduce the BIATHLON CHAMPION into as many children as possible!

Biathlon, the battle in the cross-country ski trail and on the shooting range has so far only been reserved for adults. Now it's time for making biathlon child's play! Finally, kids from 3 years of age can participate in the popular winter sport in a safe and playful manner! Away from computer games, analogue into the outdoor nature you can play biathlon in every season.


JENS STEINIGEN – founder, passionate dad and Olympic champion in biathlon 1992
Biathlon fascinated Jens from a young age and now he wants to bring what he considers the most beautiful sport in the world into every child's life. This is how the idea of the BIATHLON CHAMPION game came about and he founded the startup with his family and friends.

FELIX LOCH – supporter and ambassador
The multiple Olympic and world champion Felix Loch is an enthusiastic fan and ambassador of BIATHLON CHAMPION. As a father of two sons, he is delighted to support such a great project. The aim is to encourage the kids to participate in sports and exercise in the fresh air, away from cell phones and PCs!



Our biathlon discs are produced in the Chiemgau Lebenshilfe workshops in Traunreut, where the product was developed. This means that production runs regionally and sustainably and makes a contribution to inclusion.

High-quality materials are used for the production of the discs, which ensure a long service life of the product. Individual parts are replaceable if damaged.